Storytime! at the Cartoon Art Museum

I've got some original pieces in a neat gallery show, STORYTIME!, at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco!

Here's the official info from the press release:

Storytime! Graphic Novels for Kids of All Ages June 26 - November 14, 2010 Cartoon Art Museum 655 Mission Street San Francisco, CA

Over the past decade, graphic novels have exploded in popularity with children and teenagers. The Cartoon Art Museum’s latest exhibition, Storytime! Graphic Novels for Kids of All Ages, features the work of ten influential cartoonists whose work broke new ground in bookstores and libraries. Their graphic novels are promoted as product for the children and young adult marketplace but these innovative graphic novels are captivating to readers of all ages. Co-curators Andrew Farago and Larry Marder have placed a special emphasis on the creative processes used by the individual artists. Visitors are invited to peek over the shoulders of the creators and follow along from the first sketchbook doodles all the way to the printed page.

I've got five original pages from SMILE in the show (the very San Franciscan Loma Prieta earthquake sequence, in fact), and they appear alongside the work of some true comics luminaries: Jeff Smith, Stan Sakai, Mo Willems, Irving Tripp, Virginia Hubbell, Lark Pien, Dave Roman, Hope Larson, and Larry Marder! The show shines a special spotlight on process and technique, so you can see plenty of thumbnails, writing samples, and sketches alongside the final artwork.

If you're in San Francisco and would like to see how my work looks in person, I heartily recommend stopping by the Cartoon Art Museum, a wonderful place to visit anytime. I'll be doing an artist-in-residence program there in October, and the show will be up through mid-November.

I'm enjoying a bit of downtime, now that my 12-week run of spring events is over. Of course, it's only a couple of weeks till Comic-Con International in San Diego, but I'm trying to get a bunch of work done before that! Never a dull moment around here! See you soon.

Raina Telgemeier