Links Roundup: Slate, A&S; ABC News Now!

Cool stuff keeps on happening! Here are a few links... reviews SMILE!

Recently, I was a guest on two episodes of the Art & Story Podcast! One is an hour-long meditation on comics storytelling, memoir writing, and craft, using SMILE as a jumping-off point, and the other is a 20-minute chat with the same guys about how I ripped off one of my toenails last month, and whether stories about modern kids and teens need to include technology like cell phones. Thanks to Jerzy, Mark, and Kevin for having me on.

The A&S guys are giving away a free hardcover copy of SMILE--details are here! The deadline is Wednesday, July 14, so get your entries in soon.

Finally, and this really blew me away: New York Times editor Julie Just appeared on a recent episode of ABC News Now, in a segment on Great Summer Reads--and not only did she recommend SMILE, but the Baby-sitters Club graphic novels, as well!! This is really exciting! And yes, they pronounced my name correctly...but spelled it wrong onscreen. These things happen. :)

Raina Telgemeier