SMILE in Cul de Sac

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that today's Cul de Sac featured Petey reading a copy of SMILE--it's not every day that my book shows up in my CURRENT FAVORITE COMIC STRIP!!

Seriously, I got into comics because of comic strips in the first place. CdS is by FAR my favorite strip currently in print, and in my top 5 of all time strips, joining the ranks of Calvin and Hobbes and For Better or For Worse. Richard Thompson is a swell guy and a brilliant cartoonist, and I had the distinct pleasure of not only talking shop with him at Heroes Con earlier this month, but also doing an art trade! I gave him one of my original Baby-sitters Club pages, and in return got to come home with a beautiful CdS original. It's going to get a nice frame job, and then it'll join the growing collection of artwork on my living room walls.

Anyway, to wake up to this surprise this morning was a real treat. I think someone else colors the CdS dailies, not Richard himself, so that would explain the orange color on the cover. Richard did confirm, however, that that is indeed my SMILE in Petey's hands.

Raina Telgemeier