A Tour of my Workspace

I thought I’d share a look at my desk! It’s messy, but most of the mess is stuff I reach for on a regular basis. 

Here’s view number one:


Stuff you can see in this photo:

  • My bulletin board. Full of reference, inspiration, art from fans.
  • A t-shirt I designed for a Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation walk team, featuring the BSC’s very own Stacey.
  • Below that, a cardboard box full of fan letters. I need to answer these.
  • My laptop. This has my script on it, plus music, reference, email, and the inevitable Twitter.
  • Empty teacup number one.
  • Old photos. I’m working on a book about my sister and I when we were little, so, old family photos are helpful!
  • Pens. Brushes. Lip balm.
  • A bunch of old sketchbooks.
  • The paper (Bristol board) for the pages I’m drawing.
  • A necklace made of sculpey, of the happy face from the cover of Smile, made by my fans/friends!
  • Under the desk: an old monitor somebody gave me, that I haven’t found a good use for yet.

And view number two:

  • The page I’m working on!
  • My pencil, eraser, and blue layout pencil.
  • More photos.
  • Full teacup.
  • Little IKEA desk lamp.
  • iPod speaker doc.
  • Empty teacup number two.
  • Used tissue. I’ve had pretty bad allergies this season!
  • Color wheel. I don’t use this much anymore, but I like it.
  • Cup of water for rinsing my brushes.
  • Bin full of ink, thumbtacks, pencil sharpener, scissors, and miscellany.
  • Space heater, down below. My studio is badly insulated, and FREEZING in winter!
  • Outside the window: Queens, New York. My view is of a couple of parking spaces, a few trees, and the apartments across the way. There are a couple of stray cats that like to sit on top of my neighbors’ cars, and I like watching them. The window faces west, so I get some pretty nice sunsets here.

I don’t always work at my desk!


What about you? What things are essential to your workspace?


This essay was originally posted on Inside A Dog. © Raina Telgemeier.