Hourly Comic Day 2016

Every year on February 1, I participate in Hourly Comic Day! Cartoonists all over the world draw a comic about the previous hour of their day, for every hour they're awake. This is my seventh year doing it, and it's fun to see how things evolve over the years. This year reflects some of the big changes in my life since last February 1. And because Smile came out on February 2, 2010, this day is always my chance to look back on the ways my career has grown and shifted and taken on a life of its own over time. As always, I'm grateful to all of my readers for sticking with me!

As we speak, I'm in the final weeks of production on Ghosts, and once that's off to press I'll be turning my focus back to writing for a few months, before embarking on the GhostsTour later this fall. As always, my events calendar is on the right-hand side of my website's homepage, so keep your eyes on that to find out when I'll be visiting a town near you.

Thanks to my friends who were part of my day today in ways big and small. Let's all do it again sometime.

On with the comics!

(And after all that computer talk, ironically all of my tech stopped working midway through scanning my comics. The world is laughing at me today!)

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