beat_2014_color_web Whoa, so...every year, The Beat, which has long been my favorite comics news source, asks folks across the industry to cast their vote for the Person of the Year, defined as “the most important person, someone who had the biggest impact, an innovator, someone who set the pace, or had a banner year creatively” in comics.

This year, I won.

I can certainly concede that my 2014 was incredible, and felt like it built in intensity with each passing month. But to round it out with this honor is career feels like it's pretty swell to me personally, but being recognized by my peers is on a whole other level of awesome.

I've loved comics for a long time. From the day I discovered them as a kid, there's been little else I've been so passionate about, and nothing else I wanted to do more. I've been fortunate to be able to make work I care about, and to have such great readers along the way, as well as a community of people that supports me and cheers me on.

So, thank you!

Congratulations to all the other people nominated for the PotY, too -- smart, talented, hard-working people who deserve just as much (if not more) credit as I do.

Raina Telgemeier