Signed copies of SISTERS by mail!

Hi everyone! Wow, two weeks until Sisters is out...I'm still sorting out the details of my book tour, although some of the events have been added to my events calendar (over on the right-hand sidebar of my site's homepage!) and I'll be adding lots more in the next week or so. I'll be visiting NYC, DC, Boston, Las Vegas, Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Seattle, Vancouver, Toronto, Miami and lots more.

If you're not in a state or province I'm visiting, you're still in luck however! I'm pleased to announce that I'm partnering with my local indie bookstore, Astoria Bookshop, to offer signed copies of my books by mail!

Astoria Bookshop will ship signed copies of my books (including Smile and Drama) anywhere in the United States or Canada, either by USPS or UPS, at various shipping speeds and costs.

*****You can order them here!*****

I'm really excited to finally have a way to send signed books to everyone who wants them! And, it's really wonderful to be able to support an independent bookstore -- doubly so, one in my own neighborhood. If you find yourself in Astoria, Queens, please do yourself a favor and swing by, and tell them Raina sent you...

Raina Telgemeier