The LONG TOUR! Photo Roundup!

At the MIBA Movable Feast. Renaissance Depot Hotel in Minneapolis, which doubles as a pretty sweet train museum.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made the last three weeks simply amazing for me: the booksellers, reps, drivers, publicists, and event coordinators; friends, family, and those who count as both; authors, illustrators, and speakers; librarians, teachers, principals, and secretaries; my tirelessly awesome husband Dave, and most importantly, the fans. Everywhere. You are so humbling and amazing and I am lucky to have you in my life.

Live reading from DRAMA with Jen Vincent, David Levithan, and Heather Brewer at Anderson's Bookshop, Chicago.

These young ladies introduced me at a school visit, Chicago.

School visit, St. Louis. We found this speaker exactly like this, and the bookseller used it to set up the stock!

Being introduced by awesome bookseller Shane, at Left Bank Books, St. Louis.

Cousins on my Telgemeier side, at Left Bank Books, St. Louis.

Possibly the coolest bookstore ever: Wild Rumpus, Minneapolis.

With my hardworking Scholastic publicist, Sheila Marie, in Minneapolis.

A fabulous school crowd, Minneapolis.

Signing for a great group at The Bookcase, Minneapolis.

Cartoonists with their co-creation, Portland.

The crowd at A Children's Place bookstore, Portland.

Renata, who helped me draw the soccer ball, at A Children's Place bookstore, Portland.

The sweetest father-son combo you could ever hope to meet, at Bridge City Comics, Portland.

An adorable fan at my first Kidsbooks event, Vancouver.

Bookseller extraordinaire, Maggie, introducing me at Kidsbooks South Surrey, Vancouver.

Young artists, Vancouver.

Super-enthusiastic students at an all-boys school, Vancouver.

Indigo branch bestseller wall, Vancouver.

Shelf-talker at University Bookstore, Seattle.

Going Graphic panel at Tweens Read Book Festival, Houston.

Going Graphic panelists Rachel Renee Russell, me, Dave Roman, and Amy Ignatow!

My view for the past three weeks.

(See more photos here!)

Raina Telgemeier