Portland, Maine! Photos.

Last week, I had a wonderful trip up to Maine! I was invited to Portland, for several school and library visits as well as a store event at Casablanca Comics. Here are some photos and a video!

This is Cole, a deaf student who invented a sign for my name! It's the sign for the letter R, plus the sign for the word "smile." Cole explained that only a deaf person can give someone a sign language name, and I was very honored to receive it!

Cole teaches me how to sign "Raina."

Getting ready to speak to 500 middle school students.

The very stylish crowd at the Portland Public Library!

Laney helps me out with some fashion design. Portland Public Library.

A lovely crowd awaited me at Casablanca Comics on Saturday morning!

Amaaaaazing! Livv came to my signing in Raina/Smile cosplay!! This was a true first. I was pretty emotional when I saw her!

My sentiments exactly! Thanks to Casablanca Comics for a terrific time.

Raina Telgemeier