Between Things

I'm between events and projects at the moment, which is rare and wonderful. Last weekend was my birthday, and I took a few days off to enjoy life and spend some time with friends. Even freelance cartoonists need a little break occasionally! Several big things are shaping up, though: a couple of short projects, my next full-length graphic novel project, and a stretch of summer travel followed by my upcoming DRAMA tour in the fall! Since people ask me on a regular basis if I'll be visiting _____ anytime soon, let me just remind you that I always post my upcoming public appearances on the right-hand sidebar of my site's home page, next to this very blog. If I'm going to be near you, that's where you will find out! I do plenty of traveling and speaking unadvertised, but that's because schools frequently hire me for private events, and announcing them doesn't do much good. I often post about them after the fact, though!

My next event is BEA. Click to see my schedule there!

Here are a couple of other bits and blurbs from the past few weeks:

+++SMILE T-shirts are back in my store!

+++An Interview with the creators of GIANTS BEWARE on

+++An Interview on Creating a Little Niche in publishing

+++I was recently featured on Girl Scouts' THE STUDIO website! Click for an interview and a behind-the-scenes look at my comic-making process, step by step! Includes photos of me as a Girl Scout in 4th grade.

That's all for now, but I hope to have more to share soon! Enjoy the beginning of summer...I know I will!

Raina Telgemeier