September 1: CAROUSEL at the NYPL!

Wednesday, September 1, I'm joining a bunch of other amazing creators for a Carousel event at the Chatham Square Branch of the NYPL!

What's a Carousel, you ask? It's basically a live reading of a comic. The images are projected onto a screen, and the artist reads the dialogue to the audience. I do this all the time in my presentations, but the person who originated the idea, R. Sikoryak, is a master of both the cartooning medium and the performance itself! I'll be joined by R., Dave Roman, Aaron Renier, George O'Connor, and Susan Kim and Laurence Klavan--each and every one of them creators of brilliant books I've not only read, but loved.

The event: Wednesday, September 1 4 PM NYPL Chatham Square Branch 33 East Broadway, NY NY

I hope you'll join us!

Raina Telgemeier