TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival): Updated!

No rest for the author with a new book out! On Saturday and Sunday, May 8 and 9, I will be in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for The Toronto Comic Arts Festival, otherwise known as TCAF! Location: Toronto Reference Library 789 Yonge St., Toronto, Canada When: May 8, 9-5 PM; and May 9, 11-5 PM. Admission to TCAF is Free!!

Dave and I will be at Table 128, right next to our friends Frank Cammuso and Diana Tamblyn! Here's a floormap of the show; we seem to be near the Library Info Desk. Look for my big ol' Smile banner to find me (hint: it looks like this)!

Update: Panels and Programming!

Comics For Kids: What’s Next? SATURDAY, May 8th, 2:45 – 3:30pm, Learning Center 1 Following the initial burst of graphic novels created and marketed specifically to young readers, where will the industry go? Find out from a panel of experts including editors, creators, teachers and librarians what’s working for young readers, what’s not working, who are reading these books and what’s next. Panelists include Raina Telgemeier (Smile), Frank Cammuso (Knights of the Lunch Table), Clayton Hamner (CTON’s Super A-maze-ing Year of Crazy Comics!), Eva Volin (Librarian), Karen Li (Editor, Kids Can Press) and Diana Maliszewski (Teacher), moderated by Scott Robins (Blogger, SLJ’s Good Comics For Kids)

KidsDraw: Turn Your Life Into Comics SUNDAY, May 9th, 12:30pm-1:00pm, Novella Room The inspiration for Raina Telgemeier’s newest book, Smile comes from her own life as a young girl. Get tips from her on how to get ideas from your own life to create your own autobiographical comics and watch her draw live.

The New Graphic Novelists: New Creators Transforming the Medium SUNDAY, May 9th, 2:15 – 3:15pm, Learning Center 1 There is a pantheon of great graphic novelists — folks who started thinking about comics as singular, book-bound creations. But that concept has shifted since its conceptualization, and a collection of young creators are pushing the medium in fantastic new ways. Creators Joshua Cotter, Colleen Frakes, Ryan North, Dash Shaw, and Raina Telgemeier will discuss their experiences producing comics that alternately defy and embrace the term ‘graphic novel”. Moderated by Eva Volin.

Canadian friends, I hope to see you this weekend!

Raina Telgemeier