X-Men: Misfits (Book 1)

Del Rey Manga, August 2009

Authors: Raina Telgemeier and Dave Roman
Illustrator: Anzu
176 pages, Black & White
ISBN-13: 978-0345505149

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High school student Kitty Pryde has always been the odd girl out. A mutant, she was born with strange superpowers, magical talents that make her the class freak. But Kitty’s world is changed when she’s invited to study at Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, a special home for mutant teens. There’s just one catch: Kitty’s the only girl at the all-boy school, and she ends up just feeling like a freak all over again.

Then Kitty meets Pyro and the ultra-hot bad boys of the Hellfire Club. They’re the school’s elite–handsome, rich, and totally above the rules. Now Kitty seems to have it all: a dreamy boyfriend, super-cool friends, and the chance to develop her extraordinary talents. But why is her heart telling her that something is wrong? Will Kitty ever find the place where she belongs, or is she doomed to be a misfit forever?

New York Times Graphic Books Bestseller!


"X-Men is renowned for being one of the most girl-friendly super hero comics franchises, so a shojo (girl's) manga re-boot of the series is not that far-fetched. The conceit of seeing the X-Men redrawn as supercute boys, or in the case of Beast, redrawn as an adorable human-size badgerlike thing, works without a hitch…Telgemeier and Roman deliver a delightful script that will appeal to old fans while being friendly toward new readers or fans of the X-Men films. The art by Anzu (The Reformed) is over-the-top shojo parody, with lots of screentone and flowers."
— Publishers Weekly
"X-Men: Misfits is a surprisingly refreshing take on a franchise that has been passed on from writer to writer for decades."
— Graphic Novel Reporter
"I'm just going to go ahead and say it: I think X-Men: Misfits is the single best X-Men story I’ve experienced since Grant Morrison brought his run on New X-Men to a close…The fan of manga in me absolutely loved it, and the fan of Marvel Comics in me loved seeing this particular wheel reinvented in such an unusual way. I honestly can't wait for Volume 2."
— Newsarama.com
"Looking for a new twist on the 'X-Men' that doesn't include a moody teen Wolverine or Hugh Jackman? Conventional thinking might not pair the crime-fighting superpower mutant crew with shoujo manga, but X-Men: Misfits does a fantastic job…The awkward romantic longings of a teen girl might not be for every 'X-Men' fan, but for those who love shoujo and the comic, X-Men: Misfits is the perfect combination of fire and ice."
— Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

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