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The SMILE video trailer
Directed and produced by Alison Wilgus and Dave Roman
Music by Harry and the Potters

The DRAMA video trailer
Directed and produced by Scholastic, Inc.

Comics Are Great Video Interview
13-year-old Cassie interviews me about all things DRAMA!


Kids Comics Revolution, June 2012

Lunchtime Leaders podcast, February 2011


Seqalab Interview / Sequential Laboratory (audio), winter 2013

Writing, Reading, Inspiration and DRAMA / Nerdy Book Club, fall 2012

Raina Telgemeier Casts Her “Drama” / Comic Book Resources, fall 2012

Talking with Raina Telgemeier About Drama / Great Kids Books, fall 2012

Exclusive Interview with Graphic Novelist Raina Telgemeier / Shalom Life, fall 2012

Giants Beware! creators interview Raina /, summer 2012

A conversation between Raina and Ann M. Martin, creator of the BSC / Newsarama, fall 2011

Good Comics For Kids / SLJ Blog, summer 2010

Teeth Marks / Graphic Novel Reporter, spring 2010

Raina Opens Up About Smile / CBR, winter 2010

About the BSC graphic novels / CBR, fall 2008


Headgear, seventh grade.

Full braces, eighth grade.

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