Featured Books

2012, Scholastic Graphix


Baby-sitters Club Graphic Novels
2006-2008, Scholastic Graphix

More Books

Flight Volume 4
2007, Villard
"Dinosaur Egg"

Bizarro World
2005, DC Comics
"The Justice League in: Take Your Kids to Work Day"

Agnes Quill: An Anthology of Mystery
2006, Slave Labor Graphics
"Lost and Found"

X-Men: Misfits (Book One)
2009, Del Rey Manga

Explorer: The Mystery Boxes
2012, Abrams

“Spring Cleaning”

Explorer: The Lost Islands
2013, Abrams

“Desert Island Playlist”

Nursery Rhyme Comics
2011, First Second Books

“Georgie Porgie”

Fairy Tale Comics
2013, First Second Books



I no longer sell or produce minicomics, but sometimes they pop up on eBay!

Outreach, 2008-2009.
Two issues. Short, anecdotal stories about teaching and working with kids.

Take-Out Comics, 2000-2005.
Self-published. Seven issues. Short, personal stories about growing up. Several of these stories are available to read for free on my Webcomics page.

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