DRAMAday Contest Winners!

September 10th, 2012

Drumroll, please…

The winners of the DRAMAday contest are:

Annalisa D’Aguilar! Annalisa wins a piece of original artwork featuring the characters from DRAMA! This photo was taken at my favorite local comic store, Bergen Street Comics–check out the other awesome comics Annalisa is purchasing!

Cassie Block! Cassie wins an opportunity to be on the video podcast COMICS ARE GREAT as my co-star for a day! Check out Cassie’s AMAZING Callie cosplay. I was truly blown away by this entry.

gigio2001! Gigio wins a Smile t-shirt! Yay!

And…I had one more entry that I just couldn’t resist awarding a runner-up prize to. I know the contest was to take a photo, in a store, of yourself buying Drama…but I got an entry from Alysa Matsunaga, whom I met at the Decatur Book Festival, and it was too excellent to resist:

Here’s a drawing of Alysa meeting the main characters from DRAMA!! I just adore this drawing to pieces. Thanks, Alysa. I’m going to send you a Smile t-shirt, too. :)

Winners! If you’ll send me your mailing addresses (and t-shirt sizes, for the t-shirt winners!), I’ll get your prizes in the mail as soon as possible! Email me at goRaina AT gmail DOT com, or send me a Facebook message. (Cassie, I’ll be in touch soon to talk about recording a podcast together!)

Thanks a TON to everyone who entered! I liked all your entries so much, I’ll run a selection of honorable mentions on my blog next week. I hope you all had a great DRAMAday!