DRAMA sweets at Kidsmomo!

September 9th, 2012

Hello from San Francisco! Tour is already a whirlwind and I’m enjoying every second of it. More on that later. Also, tomorrow I will announce the winners of the #DRAMAday contest, so check back here for the results!

On to other news. I recently recorded a video for Kidsmomo, a website/podcast I’m a huge fan of. They’re throwing a contest to win a signed copy of DRAMA–you can enter the here! And not just the book, but the very drawing I do in the video below…!

Hit the link, and watch the video. It’s a how-to-draw-Callie demonstration! Curious about the tools I use to make comics? They’re all here. You get to see me pencil and brush-ink the drawing, all in my little home studio! See anything familiar on my walls and shelves?

Good luck!